Support Me

This is where you can find a list of all the best places to support me and what I do. There’s no pressure to do so, but any help is appreciated!

To be 100% honest, the absolute best way you can support my content is by watching some videos or streams and following or subbing to me on Twitch and YouTube. That way you’ll be notified of any time I go live or whenever I upload a new video. It’s really that simple.

The Gamer Scot on Twitch
The Gamer Scot on YouTube

If you want to go that step further, there’s a few options you can choose from. I appreciate anything that I get, so thanks in advance for even looking!


I’m a full-time dad and I basically only survive thanks to coffee. Ko-fi is a great way to support my content by buying me a cup of coffee. There’s no long-term commitment and (apparently) they don’t charge fees. I dunno how it works, but it does!

My Page is by the creators of (a site I used to love) where I’ve hand-picked a list of 10 games that I think are worth buying. If you buy through that store I get a decent commission at no cost to you! Their game list isn’t huge yet, but I update the list frequently so it’s definitely worth checking out.

My Amazon Wishlist

There’s a ton of stuff that I either can’t afford or can’t justify buying, so if you’re feeling particularly crazy there’s a wide range of items and prices right here. Why would you want to? I don’t know!

Last Updated: 31st October 2020