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Madshot - Quick Look

Madshot is a 2D shooter with RPG elements all wrapped up in a roguelite case. It has all the stuff I like, but is it any good? Let’s see!


I went into Madshot knowing only two things. One – it’s a 2D platformer and shooter with roguelike (ugh) elements, and that is exactly my kind of game. And two – there are so many games with the same name that it’s really hard to get official art of this one.

So safe to say my expectations weren’t high. But I was actually super impressed by how well the game plays.


It doesn’t look like much until the enemies start chasing you down!

I’m not sure how the story is supposed to go, but you seem to play a kind of Cthulu-esque monster and you’re shooting up a bunch of stuff. I guess that’s less important than the feel of it. I played with mouse and keyboard (not a control method I’d choose for a 2D platformer game) and everything was very intuitive. 

Locked Doors

Although the rooms are relatively small, there’s a great sense of movement and pace to it. You get chased down in the same way you would in something like Isaac, and having multiple levels to hop between keep you from getting cornered.

Maybe I should’ve gotten a shot with the upgrade options showing, huh?

One of my biggest problems with the roguelike/lite subgenre is often a lack of meta progress between runs, so I was really happy to see a good permanent upgrade path from Madshot’s hub area. You unlock points by completing certain challenges and you can spend them on upgrades to make future runs stronger. None of the options are particularly unique (stuff like extra hp, more bullets per clip, etc) but it’s good for making you want to come back. That said, with the rate of the drops, I can see it taking a long time to make significant differences to your build if you’re struggling with the early game.


I haven’t played a huge amount of it yet, so I don’t know how much more there is to talk about yet. But it definitely has potential. They could maybe use a bit more variety to the levels to stop them looking so similar, but other than that I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

And whether it needs to be renamed for release.

Where to Buy MAdshot

It’s not actually available yet, so I’ll link to their socials instead.
Twitter | Website

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