The Gamer Scot Plays…

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Let’s Play Series

I’m not making videos specifically for YouTube right now, so most of my new content is just uploads from Twitch. I’d love to get back to this someday, but this all depends on how the future looks!


DAWN OF WAR // Relic Entertainment 2007 [COMPLETE]

DEAD CELLS // Motion Twin 2017 [ON HOLD]

DISTANCE // Refract 2016 [COMPLETE]

HAND OF FATE 2 // Defiant Development 2017 [ON HOLD]

HOLLOW KNIGHT // Team Cherry 2017 [ON HOLD]

OXYGEN NOT INCLUDED // Klei Entertainment 2017

MAX PAYNE // Remedy Games 2001

PALADINS // Hi-Rez Studios 2016 [RETIRED]

VICTOR VRAN // Haemimont Games 2015 [RETIRED]

What’s Next?

I will return to making more YouTube exclusive content when my Patreon gets some traction. Please check that out if you can.
If you want to suggest a game, give me a shout on Twitter.

Last Update: 19th April 2020