Free Games on EGS: 22nd July 2021

Epic Games Store - What's Free Now?

Defense Grid: The Awakening & Verdun are both free on the Epic Games Store from 22nd July 2021! Here’s what I think about them!

Here are the games currently free of charge on the Epic Games Store. These are typically only around for a week, so if you see anything you like the look of you’d better move fast before they disappear!

Epic Games Store: Free Games – 22nd July 2021

Defense Grid: The Awakening

Defense Grid: The Awakening is a tower defence game with a full campaign and a decent range of tower types to choose from. I haven’t played it, but I did write about it in a previous EGS giveaway so I’m not going to go into too much detail here.

This was previously free on December 20th 2020.


Verdun is a game that basically ticks all of my “I’m not really interested in playing this” boxes. It’s a multiplayer only (check) retro FPS (check) set during WW1 (bingo). Don’t get me wrong, it’s very well reviewed and sits at a very respectable 87 % positive on Steam. But I’ve had enough with games in that era. How many more times do we need to tell the same story? What battles are there left to play out? Don’t we know how it ends by now?

To be fair, it came out in 2015 so it’s had a few years of clones to deal with. But at the same time, even by 2015 the WW1/2 shooter genre was done. This is the same reason I wasn’t into BF5 or the last Call of Duty. And that’s just me.

Where to Get Your Free Games

To claim your free games, load up the Epic Games Store app or go to their website. Once you’ve claimed them, they’ll be available in your account forever and you can play them any time!

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