Alienware Claims Windows 10 Hurt Steam Machine Sales

Alienware co-founder Frank Azor told PC Gamer he believes changes in Windows 10 were to blame for poor Steam Machine sales. I don’t think that’s accurate.

Gamasutra article: Windows 10 to blame for slump in Steam Machine interest, says Alienware exec

I have a Steam Machine and I’ll tell you this is only partly true. The real problem is the lack of games actually available for Steam OS. Of the 8000 or so games on Steam, barely 2000 of them can actually be played by your Steam Machine in its default state. New releases are getting more Linux support, but nobody is patching the old ones.

So of course, the first thing I did when I got mine was install Windows. The specific version was less important than getting the functionality. Especially when you also include the need to record in-game footage and audio for YouTube.

I love my Steam Machine. I was a big supporter of them from the start. I don’t even have a problem with them trying to push the controller for couch-friendly PC gaming (although it’s a bit weird in places). But if we can’t play older games in our library, you’ve lost the major strength that PC gaming has over consoles in general – backward compatibility.

So no, Windows 10 is not to blame. Steam OS is to blame.