Voice Acting

I’m really interested in voice acting. I’ve got a great reading style and several character voices in my repertoire. Find out more here!


I started reading at a very young age, which I think probably set me up to create fun character voices early in my life. I’ve extended this into my gaming streams, when I’m reading on-screen text. Most recently, I’ve been doing fun voices when reading stories with my son. So it makes sense that I could do this (semi-) professionally too!

Voice Repertoire

  • Natural
    My standard Scottish accent is pretty soft and easy to understand.
  • Broad Scottish (Shrek)
    When I lay it on thick I sound like my dad!
  • Film Noir (Max Payne)
    I’ve always loved the film noir genre for its heavy use of adjectives.
  • Generic English
    I can’t do regional, but I can do a good from-nowhere-specific accent!
  • Wizard / Wise old man (Gandalf / Deckard Cain / Captain Picard)
    Because the world needs more of these!

Last updated: 29th July 2021

I know I need to get a sample reel together, but I don’t have my full audio setup available right now. I will arrange this very soon.

Where To Find Me

My Fiverr link will go here when things are ready. Until then, try here!