Video Requirements

When I make a video, I have some specific requirements to keep things consistent. For your benefit and mine, here’s a rundown.

First Look

Game requirements:

  • Must either be unreleased or within 2 weeks of launch.
    There’s very little point in doing a First Look of a game that everyone has already covered.
  • Must not be free to play.
    If a game is free to play, there’s no risk to the player by trying it for themselves. There’s nothing I can tell them that they won’t be able to find out free of charge.

Best of / Worst of

Game requirements:

  • Must have officially released that year.
    Games in beta or Early Access are not eligible for an award, no matter how good or bad I think they are.
  • Must have actually been played by me.
    I can’t give a reliable opinion on a game without actually trying it myself, so even if everyone else likes it or hates it, I need to try it myself.

More to come…