Support Me

This is where you can find a list of all the best places to support me and what I do. There’s no pressure to do so, but any help is appreciated!

To be 100% honest, the absolute best way you can support my content is by following or subscribing to my Twitch and YouTube channels. That way you’ll be notified of any time I go live or whenever I upload a new video. It’s really that simple.

The Gamer Scot on Twitch
The Gamer Scot on YouTube


If you’re thinking of something a bit more… tangible, then I have a couple of other options for you. I took voluntary redundancy after our son was born so I could use any help you’re willing to give!


Ko-fi is a great way to just throw me a bone for no reason. There’s no long-term commitment and (apparently) they don’t charge fees. Kind of like tipping on Twitch. This is definitely the best way to help right now!

My Amazon Wishlist

There’s a ton of stuff that I either can’t afford or can’t justify buying, so if you’re feeling particularly crazy there’s a wide range of items and prices right here. Why would you want to? I don’t know!


Of course I also have a Patreon page. If you’d like to make an ongoing contribution to my lifestyle and give me a regular income. It’s a long-term plan and I don’t expect anything from it right now. I don’t have too many features yet, but you’ll be able to get involved with the future of our content!

Last Updated: 14th Aug 2019