Quick Look @ Noita

Quick Look @ Noita

I wanted to make a video about Noita a long time ago but never got round to it. So here’s a written Quick Look instead. Sorry.


Noita is a 2D side-scrolling shooter/platformer/Metroidvania where you play as a wizard, fighting your way through procedurally-generated caves where every pixel has modelled physics. It might not sound like much, but that’s basically what the whole game is built around!

Noita's Liquid Physics

A story in 3 parts…

Having “every pixel physically modelled” means that the entire environment can be interacted with in multiple different ways. Some things are flammable. Some things will break into pieces. Some things will melt or leak, and the liquid will cascade down until it gets caught somewhere. It’s all super impressive tech (which killed my old i5 6400 but runs perfectly on the Ryzen 5) and it opens the game up to some hilarious and unintended events.


You start with a basic wand that fires a couple of uninteresting purple bolts. But as you progress you’ll find and unlock a ton of better weapons that have modifiers to add electricity or ice or fire or explosives. And a lot of the time you’ll forget about one of these and accidentally catapult yourself into the afterlife.

Noita - Weird Lasers

The basic concept of the game is to continue deeper and deeper to get to something at the bottom, but similar to games like Spelunky, there’s secrets to uncover by going off the beaten path. Exploring can reward you with unexpected items, pieces of lore and sometimes totally new environments.

The problem is, capturing decent screenshots in Noita is not easy 😀

To be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t seen much of this stuff – in fact, I haven’t seen all of the normal game. I can get a few floors down, but I always end up messing something up. But that’s because I suck. I’m impatient, and Noita definitely seems to be a game where slow progress with a lot of consideration seems to be the way to go.

After over 30 hours, I still haven’t seen a lot of this stuff!

But don’t let my lack of skill put you off. This is a game where even failing is fun. Almost every time I’ve died (over 30+ hours) it’s been down to a mistake that I’ve made. And more often than not that death has also made me laugh. So even if I never see the endgame content, I’m happy with just playing to see what happens next time. I love it. This will be one of my top games of 2020, no doubt.

Where to Buy Noita

Steam | Humble | GOG

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