Free Games on EGS: 3rd June 2021

Epic Games Store - What's Free Now?

Frostpunk, the frozen city builder and colony manager is free on the Epic Games Store from 3rd June 2021! Here’s what I think about it!
Here are the games currently free of charge on the Epic Games Store. These are typically only around for a week, so if you see anything you like the look of you’d better move fast before they disappear!

Epic Games Store: Free Games – 3rd June 2021


If you “enjoyed” the bleakness of This War of Mine but you wanted to add an extra layer of harshness to the experience, Frostpunk is the game for you. It’s a city-builder, yes, but you’re also fighting off an ever-increasing cold front that has outdoor temperatures heading south of -60 celcius. You’re constantly bombarded with moral dilemmas, like whether to use child workers to bolster the labour force, or how best to dispose of bodies. While the city-building aspect will never compare with something like Cities Skylines, the story is what keeps Frostpunk ticking along. It’s beautiful in its ugliness and I loved it.

Back in 2018 I gave it an end of year award for its bleakness and that still holds up.

Where to Get Your Free Games

To claim your free games, load up the Epic Games Store app or go to their website. Once you’ve claimed them, they’ll be available in your account forever and you can play them any time!

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