Free Games on EGS: 29th April 2021

Epic Games Store - What's Free Now?

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is free on the Epic Games Store from 29th April 2021! Here’s what I think about it!

Here are the games currently free of charge on the Epic Games Store. These are typically only around for a week, so if you see anything you like the look of you’d better move fast before they disappear!

Epic Games Store: Free Games – 29th April 2021

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms has the longest and most clunky name I’ve seen for a while. But that aside, it falls into the idle clicker subgenre, where you need to place units in appropriate places for them to fight the enemies for you. It’s not a style of game that I really have much affinity with, because I prefer to be in direct control of my units, but it’s a popular genre so I’ll admit I’m in the minority here!

The closest I got to enjoying that style of game was Despot’s Game, which I thought was actually pretty good when I played it on stream. So maybe I just need to find the right one.

That said, it’s already free on both Steam and EGS, so I’m not sure how it being marked as “free” this week is a thing. It has some paid DLC though, so I’m wondering if maybe all of that content is going to be included when it drops.

Where to Get Your Free Games

To claim your free games, load up the Epic Games Store app or go to their website. Once you’ve claimed them, they’ll be available in your account forever and you can play them any time!

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