Epic Games Store – What’s Free Now (23rd April 2020)?

Epic Games Store - What's Free Now?

Epic Games Store is currently giving away a couple of games for free every week. Here’s what games are on offer right now (23rd April 2020)!

Here are the games currently free of charge on the Epic Games Store. These are typically only around for a few days, so if you see anything you like the look of you’d better move fast before they disappear!

Epic Games Store: Free Games – 23rd April 2020

For The King

For the King is a procedurally-generated (rogue-like/rogue-lite) RPG and strategy game that has a cool papercraft art style. I played a little bit of it on Steam and I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. I wanted to, and the mechanics work well enough, so I’m not sure why it didn’t grab me. It has an 87% positive rating on Steam though, so maybe I just got bad RNG or something!

It looks like Epic is only giving away one game this week, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m pretty sure they can’t have run out of games yet! Maybe there’s a big store overhaul coming or something. Looks like we’re back to normal for next week though, with a couple of games that I’ve actually played and know are pretty good! Come back and see me next week for my opinions on those!

Click here to go get the games right now!

Where to Get Your Free Games

To claim your free games, load up the Epic Games Store app or log in to their website. Once you’ve claimed them, they’ll be available in your account forever and you can play them any time!

Click this link to see my list and full archive of every game that has been given away on the EGS.