Free Games on EGS: 19th December 2020

Epic Games Store - 15 Days of Free Games 2020

Today’s free game in the 15 Days of Free Games is The Long Dark. You can find out if it’s worth picking up right here!
This year for Christmas, Epic is doing 15 days of free games, with each title only being available for 24 hours. Here’s today’s offering as well as what I think about it!

Epic Games Store: 15 Days of Free Games – 19th December 2020

The Long Dark

I watched The Long Dark grow from a tiny indie gem from Kickstarter to Early Access right up to the pretty much universally-acclaimed game it is today. It’s one of the few survival games I’ve ever felt an affinity with. It can be brutal, but it’s also one of those games where dying is usually down to a mistake you make. Trying to go too far too fast. Eating something suspect. Trying to fight wild animals. It feels tough but fair.

I also love the minimalist graphical style. The audio is really good too, and something about the game makes me actually feel cold. It’s rare that a game can make me feel quite so absorbed in its world.

Hinterland didn’t exactly come from nowhere (members of the team have games like Space Marine, Morrowind and God of War on their CVs), but to see a small team make something so good and see that level of success makes me feel all warm inside. Which is good, because in The Long Dark you need all the heat you can get…

Here’s the link to my 15 Days of Free Games hub post for the full list!

Where to Get Your Free Games

To claim your free games, load up the Epic Games Store app or go to their website. Once you’ve claimed them, they’ll be available in your account forever and you can play them any time!

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