Game of Thrones – What I Thought of the Last Seasons

I wanted to talk about Game of Thrones, but I’m not part of a podcast or anything. I kind of wish I was. So here’s a page for me to chat about it. SPOILERS!

The Battle of Winterfell

The Darkness

Yes, it was very dark. Even with most of our lights off, there were some parts of the episode where we could hardly see what was going on. I feel like this was partly intentional, to reflect the overpowering mood of the Night King. Some of the scenes were made more powerful by the fact that you couldn’t tell where the threats were or what side was running towards you. But there were definitely some parts where it felt like the post production colour grading just wasn’t right. I feel like enough people have complained about it that we might see this addressed for the Game of Thrones blu-ray release, but time will tell.

The Red Lady

She finally showed that her power was legit. I’d spent a long time wondering if she was faking her way to the top, even with her illusion necklace. But at least she finally showed that she could set a lot of stuff on fire, so that was cool. I’d have liked to see a bigger demonstration of the Lord of Light (shooting dragonfire out of her fingers maybe over the top though), but that was fine.

The Dothraki

The spectacular build up of the Dothraki as terrifying fighters was a bit of an anti-climax, no? It was an awesome moment watching those lights go out, but for them to get snuffed out like a bunch of nothings – after a few seasons of build-up – was kind of disappointing.


I was expecting some more important people to go, but they all went out with style. Jorah went defending the woman he loved. Lyanna went out like the total freaking badass she was. Theon finally got his redemption. But I’d consider them 3rd tier characters. There were no real shocks.

That Arya Moment

FUCK. YES. And so much of it was foreshadowed. Bran gave Arya the dagger in that spot. She snuck up on Jon in that area. She stabbed the Night King in the same place he was stabbed to create him. She used the same dagger drop move on Brienne way back in Winterfell. Bran said “nobody could kill the Night King” and Nobody did, since a girl has no name. This was definitely the highlight of the episode for me. And now she can add a few hundred thousand more people to her bodycount. Well done.


The dragons weren’t as effective in battle as I’m sure everyone wanted, but I get it. You can’t make it too easy. But I was hoping for a moment where the undead dragon caught up with Daenerys and had some conflict about what it was going to do. I was wondering if Jon could survive the blue fire blast in the same way that Daenerys can take the regular fire. Unfortunately we got none of that and to be honest, the dragons might as well have not showed up.

Azor Ahai

Last thing. I’ve seen people talking about the profecy of Azor Ahai never coming to pass. But this has made me wonder. We’ve already seen non-gendered words automatically assumed to be male over female, so it seems possible to me that this could be a mistranslation of Arya’s name (or her other nickname “‘Arry”). It might never be mentioned again now the Red Lady is gone, but could there be something else here? Time will tell.

With only 3 episodes to go there’s still a lot of secondary stories that we haven’t got closure on yet. Is Gendry being a Baratheon important? It’s nice that it’s created a new Baratheon/Stark allegiance between him and Arya, but is that all we get? I’d like to see more of this explored. Are we getting Cleganebowl in King’s Landing? LET’S GO, Game of Thrones!

The Last of the Starks

I thought this episode was destined to struggle after the epic battle of the previous one, but it got the story moving forward nicely with goodbyes to a few fan favourites and a few decisions. Here are the parts that I still have questions about.

The Wights

Since we saw Lyanna Mormont and Eddison Tollett die and rise up as walkers, why didn’t they shatter into ice when the Night King was killed? Their bodies were around to be burned with the rest of the “heroes” at the start of the episode, but (unless I’m missing something about wight lore) it doesn’t make sense to me.

Dragons (again)

When we saw the Night King take down the first dragon, it was a major event. We knew they weren’t invincible, but they were incredibly powerful creatures that took some killing. So with another one dying here – to absolutely no fanfare – it’s starting to feel like the writers don’t really know what to do with them that doesn’t guarantee a Daenerys win. Can anyone just kill a dragon now? Super disappointing.


Tyrion and Varys seemed to turn on Daenerys very quickly, didn’t they? For a couple of guys who have spent multiple seasons chasing after her, almost dying to get her to Westeros and fight for the iron throne, they seem to have suddenly decided that she’s not worth it any more. And sure, she’s made some questionable decisions over that time, but enough to question her as queen? It seems to have happened very quickly.

Jon As Targeryan

No family drama there at all. Back in season 1 we’d have had multiple episodes about this and what they were going to do about him (probably execute him, TBH). His decision just to allow the wildlings south of the wall got him killed. But now everyone is fine with him not only not-being-a-Stark, but being a Targeryan. No “can we trust him now his loyalty isn’t to this house” discourse at all? Even his own ex-family are all like “oh, cool bro, just keep doing your thing”. Weird. Some of this stuff feels like HBO just want the show finished and they’ll kind of ignore whatever universe lore has been previously set up. It’s obviously not going to stop me (or anyone else) watching, but it feels like the writers are maybe phoning it in a little. I guess we’ll see how the last couple of episodes pan out! [Very late update a long time later]


I didn’t bother writing about the last episodes of Game of Thrones because I found it all a bit dull. It was predictable in a way that early GoT never was. Jon being a Targeryan was totally irrelevant and made no difference to the story. Daenerys went crazy far too quickly and was taken out way too easily. Jaime didn’t get the redemption he deserved. Everything that happened in the last season should have been over at least a couple more. It felt like the creators (who were set up to do a Star Wars thing which subsequently fell through) had lost interest and just wanted it over. Like so many shows that run long (Lost, Dexter, etc), Game of Thrones was a massive let down in the end. It was disrespectful to the fans and everyone who watched from the start. Part of me wishes I’d just stopped watching after season 6. I don’t write about non-gaming stuff very often, but if I do it’ll be over on my blog!