Bro-Op is a competitive team league where a bunch of streamers play with and against each other. Who will have most points at the end of the year?

Bro-Op League Standings



Bro-Op Rules & Scoring

There are 3 game types in the Bro-Op: 1 v 1, Team & Free For All (FFA). The scoring for each type is as follows.

1 v 1 The winner is awarded 25 points for victory. The loser receives 0 points.
In the event of a draw, both players will be awarded 10 points
Team All members of the winning team are awarded 25 points. The losing team receives 0 points.
In the event of a draw, both teams are awarded 10 points.
FFA Ranks will be calculated based on game score (if applicable) and scores applied according to Formula 1 style, as listed below.

1st 25 points 2nd 18 points 3rd 15 points
4th 12 points 5th 10 points 6th 8 points
7th 6 points 8th 4 points 9th 2 points
    10th 1 point

Please note that any or all of these rules are subject to change at any time and video descriptions may not reflect the most up-to-date scoring methods. This page is the best place to check the rules.