Where is The Gamer Scot?

I’ve been offline for a while and I haven’t been streaming or upload videos. Where have I been? What’s going on with The Gamer Scot? Let’s have a chat…

What’s Going on with The Gamer Scot?

For those who don’t already know, my wife and I had a baby boy in June, so a lot of our time is dedicated to him. Due to the heat he’s eating all the time and not sleeping much during the day. This means any spare time I might have been able to squeeze in a video or stream have been totally eaten up by him. Obviously I can’t complain about that, because he’s healthy and cute and literally The Best Baby. If you follow The Gamer Scot on Twitter, I post about him using the hashtag #TheWeeScot and I hope that eventually he’ll be my stream buddy. We’ll see how that plays out in the future! He’s super cute too, so I recommend going just for the photos! 🙂

More of The Gamer Scot IRL

The other part of this news is that I am being made redundant from my current real-life job. While this would normally be an awful, scary time, I’ve actually been hoping for this for a long time. It will mean in the medium-term I will become a full-time dad and my ultimate hope is that will also be able to become a full-time streamer as well!

The streaming will rely heavily on him being good at napping during the day, so that’s still a big unknown. But babies sleep, right? When it’s not 400 degrees in the UK at least. So keep your fingers crossed and we’ll see!


Unfortunately it could easily be a few months before I really get to do much streaming or recording. I might get the odd chance to squeeze in the odd Twitch stream here or there, but my gaming life is largely on hold for the time being. I’m aiming for February 2019 (!) to start a regular schedule, so I appreciate anyone who sticks around and waits for that. Until then, the best place for seeing me is on Twitter. Because I always have time for tweets 🙂

See you soon!