Steam Summer Sale 2017

The Steam Summer Sale 2017 is underway and PC gamers everywhere are looking for great deals. So here’s the games I picked up in the sale this year.

Steam Summer Sale 2017 Hot Picks

There are a ton of people out there more qualified to recommend games for you than I am, although you should definitely follow my Steam Curation. But I’d suggest watching TotalBiscuit’s video about games under $5 in this year’s sale. It’s not too long and there’s some good ones on there. I should really do these as videos instead of text…

Now personally I have to admit I kind of miss the flash sales. I understand why Valve removed them – and I understand they weren’t exactly consumer friendly – but I enjoyed that tiny chance of getting a ridiculous bargain you wouldn’t see anywhere else. But I don’t miss the inevitable website crashes that they brought with them!

What I Got

At the time of writing the sale is still going, so there’s time for me to pick up a few more if I want. But here’s my Steam Summer Sale 2017 haul so far (in alphabetical order).

Genital Jousting

Because it’s funny and I can think of a few situations where this will make good videos in the future 🙂

Golf With Your Friends

Ditto. I’ve watched a few people playing this online and if I can get some friends together I can see Golf With Your Friends being a fun time for everyone.

Hollow Knight

I watched a few let’s play episodes of this on YouTube, before realising I wanted to play it myself. I stopped the videos for fear of getting too many spoilers. I love me a Metroidvania and unlike a lot of the games I go for these days, the map is traditional rather than procedurally generated.
Confession: I ran a Twitter poll asking whether I should go for Hollow Knight or Flinthook. Flinthook technically won, but after reading some of the recent reviews and feedback I was really put off. That, plus I already play a million rogue-lite games. So in the end I went for this one instead. Sorry.

Oxygen Not Included

I didn’t play much Don’t Starve, but I liked the concept and I loved the art style. Oxygen Not Included (still Early Access) adds less monster-based danger but more breathing-based life threatening stuff. Kind of similar to RimWorld (which I’m also a fan) but in 2D. I’d really love to turn this into a series because I could learn from viewer comments!


Should I be using the concept of “will this make a good video series” as my determining factor when buying games? Probably not, but that’s what I’m doing. I haven’t done a tense, linear, story-driven series before and feel like this could be one of the best.


Yes, it’s old now. Yes, I have it for the PS4 and Vita. But you can’t deny that Spelunky has held up to the test of time. I’m tempted to start a video series on this as well, but right now I suck too much for that. Dailies maybe? I don’t know. Maybe I won’t. But it was a crazy discount so I jumped on it.


I’ve had this on my wishlist for a while but I was still torn about buying it. Procedural generation in 1st person doesn’t always work, but I watched some videos and it looked like the kind of stupid fun I want. I haven’t played it yet, so I hope it’s worth it.

Elite: Dangerous
I bought this and then ended up refunding it. It’s not bad though, not at all. I wanted a space simulation that rivaled FreeSpace 2 (a game I used to really love), but I feel like the time commitment was just a little too much. Taking the space sim to an open universe in an MMO style means that travel time is a real thing. And if I only get a couple of hours to play I don’t want to spend half of that just getting from A to B. Disappointing.

It’s All Over!

The Steam Summer Sale 2017 is now over and we can get back to our normal lives. TBH nothing really blew me away this year. None of the games I wanted got the crazy discounts I remember from previous years. Maybe it’s just me getting more cynical as I get older or maybe it’s that I expected too much. It was good, but it wasn’t mind blowing. Maybe the Winter Sale will impress me more…