Steam Sale Info

Steam Sale Info

I’m using this page to track the dates of the Steam Sale dates and info from previous years. From there we can try to work out when the next sales will be!

Summer Sale 2020

The 2020 Steam Summer Sale is due to start on June 25th and run until July 9th.

While not typically as big as the winter or autumn sales (for Christmas and Black Friday respectively), the Steam Summer Sale is still a great opportunity to grab some of your wishlist games for a heavily discounted price.

I’ll update this page with all the details of upcoming sales as they leak. Then you can click here to grab your games! You can also read what I think about free games around the internet!

I’m only including the seasonal sales that happen every year, meaning I’m not going to try to keep track of every sale on Steam – that would be almost impossible and there are better places on the internet who do that already! I’m also only going back as far as 2016, because that seeemed to mark a bit of a shift in the dates.

2020 Steam Sales

Winter Sale: probably 17th December
Autumn Sale: November 25th
Halloween Sale: 29th October
Summer Sale: June 25th – July 9th

Steam Sale Archives

2020Start DateEnd Date
Winter SaleTBCTBC
Autumn SaleNovember 25thDecember 1st
Halloween SaleOctober 29thNovember 2nd
Summer SaleJune 25thJuly 9th
2019Start DateEnd Date
Winter SaleDecember 19thJanuary 2nd
Autumn SaleNovember 26thDecember 3rd
Halloween SaleOctober 28thOctober 31st
Summer SaleJune 25thJuly 9th
2018Start DateEnd Date
Winter SaleDecember 20thJanuary 3rd
Autumn SaleNovember 21stNovember 27th
Halloween SaleOctober 29thNovember 1st
Summer SaleJune 21stJuly 4th
2017Start DateEnd Date
Winter SaleDecember 21stJanuary 4th
Autumn SaleNovember 22ndNovember 28th
Halloween SaleOctober 26thNovember 1st
Summer SaleJune 22ndJuly 5th
2016Start DateEnd Date
Winter SaleDecember 22ndJanuary 2nd
Autumn SaleNovember 23rdNovember 29th
Halloween SaleOctober 28thNovember 1st
Summer SaleJune 23rdJuly 4th