So I’m On Patreon…


Here’s a quick message about me and my Patreon campaign. It covers why I set it up, what I’m looking for and how you can help. Check it out!

Why did I Join Patreon?

I joined Patreon for the same reason as most people – to try and earn a little bit of extra money doing something that I love. I’m already creating gaming videos for YouTube and I’m amazed people are watching them at all. If anyone wants to go the extra mile and support my channel then that’s even more mind blowing.

The second part of my Patreon move is that I want a community to help shape the channel. That means turning to patrons for feedback. You’ll be able to let me know when you’re enjoying a video series or when something isn’t working for you. I’ll be turning to you for help when choosing new games to cover. I’ve got a ton more ideas, but there’s no point boring you with more stuff that might never happen!

Long-Term Goals

So hopefully it’s obvious by now, but my biggest goal is to just create more videos of all kinds. I want to have the time to do more First Look videos, where I feel like I can actually be useful for anyone looking for new games. Of course I’d also love to get multiple videos up every day. That way if I’m working on a series you’re not interested in watching, hopefully I’ll have another one you can tune into! That’s not really possible right now.

My ultimate goal is to remove all of the advertising from my channel. Nobody likes adverts and most people run ad-blocking software anyway. With enough support on Patreon I’ll be able to totally disable all advertising and get by with just your support. And that would be the most amazing thing of all.

If that sounds like the kind of platform you want to get behind, please come over to the main page and sign up. There’s no tier system, so you can pay what you like and get full access to everything. What are you waiting for? 🙂