Video Schedule Changes – May 2017

I’m making some changes to my video release schedule in May 2017. You’ll find all of the details regarding those changes right here!

The Dawn of War Series

Now that Dawn of War 3 has been released, it looks like views have bottomed out on my series. The build-up towards that launch was great and I saw the videos get a view count I’m happy with. But whether it’s down to gamers playing DoW3 or just not enjoying DoW2 as much as the original, they’ve definitely tuned out and the last couple of videos have hit single figures after 24 hours. And when you consider that it could be a 40-episode series, that’s a lot of content for zero return!

There’s no point me continuing a series that nobody is watching, at least not at the pace I had originally set out. So I’ve decided to start slowing it down. It makes things better for me because I don’t need to make so many videos, but it also means people have longer to find the latest episode before the next one bounces it off the list.

New Schedule: Monday & Thursday

New Games To Play

I’ve been talking about a new let’s play series for a long time now and I’ve finally launched the first video on that series. It’s a game I thought was hugely under-rated when it launched and I had a chat with the developer at EGX Rezzed this year. Off the back of both I decided it was time to go. Victor Vran is the new game and I’ll be doing a full long play of the story mode.

What makes it even better timing is that the DLC is getting ready to launch and it’s coming to consoles this year as well. So hopefully that’ll drive some views as people try to find out if they want to play it themselves. I have my fingers crossed.

On top of that, I’m very tempted to start a let’s play of Dead Cells as well. I mentioned that in my First Look and I made a discovery right after I finished the recording. It’s excited me in a way that I’ve been missing for a long time. And because of the procedurally-generated levels it should have some staying power.

New Schedule: Friday & Tuesday

First Look

I’ve been getting an amazing amount of game codes sent to me over the last few weeks and I’m losing my mind. It’s great, because it means I can create videos until the end of time, but it does mean I need to prioritise what I cover. I will continue to put out at least one First Look per month, but I’d like to increase that if possible. That said, if I don’t like a game I’d rather not cover it than make the video just to rip it apart. Unless it’s funny.