My Predictions for E3 2017

E3 2017 is on its way! On June 13th we’ll get a ton of new gaming announcements and the hype will begin. But what am I expecting to see this year?

Call of Duty: WW2 Gameplay

We’ve been hearing about CoD:WW2 for so long but haven’t really seen much in the way of actual legit footage yet. I expect we’ll get a lot of in-game footage at E3 this year. Of course, whether you can trust that to be the same as it’ll be on launch is another thing entirely…

Ubisoft Announces a MOBA

Ubisoft is already saying they’ll announce a new IP at E3 2017, and since they don’t currently have a MOBA, I imagine they’ll be after a piece of this pie. It’s like MMORPGs back in the early 2000s. Everyone will launch one, a lot of them will fail and a couple will probably survive. How many do they expect a single target market to support?

Death Stranding Gameplay

It’s about time, right? Hideo Kojima’s probably-batshit-crazy-game-about-aliens-or-mutants-or-whatever has a great marketing campaign, but we haven’t seen anything even coming close to real gameplay footage. It’s probably too early to expect a release date yet, but I’m hoping for some gameplay.

Anything About Cyberpunk 2077

I’ve been waiting for CD Projekt Red to share more information about Cyberpunk 2077 for years now. Even before I played The Witcher 3 I was into this. And recently they’ve posted a few job listings relating to the new game. So I’m going to keep everything crossed for even the slightest glimpse at new details.

Far Cry 5 Gameplay

After a big trailer launch (and subsequent controversy), it’d be silly for Ubisoft not to capitalise on the fact people are already talking about Far Cry 5. I wasn’t blown away by the trailer, but I like the setting and the challenges they’ll face trying to sell the story to Americans. Gameplay won’t exactly be mind-blowing though, because it’s still going to be a FPS and it’ll probably still have towers to climb. But it’ll be nice to see if they’ve done something new with the franchise.

Mario Odyssey Details

The original Mario Odyssey announcement was kind of divisive and I understand why. The game just looked… weird. But until we see it all in action properly we won’t know for sure. I know Nintendo doesn’t really care about these big events, but hopefully they’ll have something to show at E3 2017.

Let’s Wait and See!

E3 2017 starts on June 13th. We’ll find out then how much of the nonsense I’ve written here actually comes true!