I was plagued with recording issues last night. So bad, in fact, that it requires an entire blog post about it. I just hope that it’s properly fixed now.

OBS Classic & OBS Studio

Because I was trying to record Dead Cells (which I looked at here and totally fell in love with), XSplit wasn’t working. It causes a weird graphical glitch that makes the game look awful. So I switched to OBS. I was looking for a plugin to add some kind of indicator that lets me know when a recording has started. It seems weird that the stock version doesn’t have anything like that.

I found out that I was using OBS Classic, which is now outdated. Thinking it would be better, I moved to OBS Studio. I checked that my settings matched and started recording. After the first episodes I decided to take a break, grab a drink and check on the recording. For some reason, the frame rate was AWFUL. I went back to the options, messed around a bit and (out of necessity) switched from x264 to NVENC. I’d been told that x264 is better quality, but apparently my machine was struggling with it. So one episode down.

Can You Hear Me?

With the new settings working well and holding a steady 60fps, I jumped back in. 2 episodes recorded, made some good progress and I thought I’d check how they were looking. They looked great so I was happy. But I noticed they were missing an intro. It turned out my mic hadn’t recorded anything! Two more episodes lost to the ether!

It actually took me about an hour to finally get OBS to detect my mic. The weird part is that Windows was detecting it, OBS Studio wasn’t. And although I sorted it out, I still don’t actually know how!

Are We Done Now?

At this point I’m hoping it’s fixed for good now. I’ve recorded a couple of tests since then and those have been fine. But I’ve also shut down my computer since then, so right now it’s a mystery. Life would be so much easier if it just worked with XSplit 🙂