My Problems With The LG G4

At first I thought my LG G4 was amazing. The camera in particular is fantastic. But it has a lot of problems that I just can’t solve. Here there are…

My LG G4’s First Problem

A couple of months after I got my LG G4 (late summer 2015), it went into a reboot loop. It would start up, get to my network provider ident and then restart. Forever. I took it back to the store, they did their checks, confirmed it was faulty and sent it back for repair. A few days later I got it back and it was working fine again. Of course it was a factory reset, so I had to reinstall everything, but that wasn’t too bad. But in hindsight this was an omen.

Losing All Signal (But Not Showing It)

Around the middle of 2016 it did something new. The first time was an evening when I was at home and my wife was out. When she came home she was freaking out because I hadn’t responded to any of her text or WhatsApp messages and her calls were ringing out. I didn’t have any notification that I’d missed a call or a text. Nothing. In fact, it wasn’t until she told me that I realised I had no signal at all. The display on the LG G4 still said I had full network access and because I wasn’t using the phone I had no way of knowing there was a problem. A restart fixed it, but it shouldn’t have happened. This has happened another couple of times since, with no warning or explanation. I monitored the phone’s uptime thinking it was a memory leak, but it’s happened after more than 193 hours and less than 24, so I don’t think that’s the case.

General Performance Issues

I use bluetooth earphones which I really like. My phone doesn’t seem to. Every so often the audio skips ever so slightly. I can live with that because I live in a city with millions of conflicting signal networks (even though it also happens underground). But sometimes those skips last a few seconds, stretching the music or audio along with it. It’s painful for the ears and really annoying.

I’ve also had slight performance degradation that I can’t tie to anything. The screen doesn’t always detect every movement, which can be a problem for anything that relies on actually using the screen reliably. Like all mobile phone apps. But this could just be down to the age of the phone, so I’m not going to call that out as a major issue.

Random Green Notification LED

Most recently, the green notification LED has been flashing away for no reason. I have no missed calls or messages, no pop-ups at all. There is no reason for that LED to be flashing. But it sits there for most of the day, tricking me into thinking I need to check something. I tried this fix but it didn’t change anything.

The only thing that turned the light out was disabling notifications from downloaded apps. Which makes me think it’s displaying notifications that I’ve blocked. For example, I can’t stand games that send you a message when your lives have refilled or as a reminder you haven’t played for a while. So I block those notifications. On my other phones this stopped everything, but on the LG G4 it blocks the on-screen ones but not the LED. And that’s just annoying.

My Next Phone

It’s hard to think back to old phones with positivity. By the time they’re a couple of years old they’re starting to slow down and if they’ve seen a lot of use then you’d expect the hardware to suffer. So when I think of my iPhone 3G, HTC Sensation and Sony Xperia Z, I remember they started out great but ended up sub-par. The LG G4 will be different and I’m writing this as a reminder that it started off poorly and got worse. I will probably go for a Google Pixel this time, but all I know for sure is that I won’t go LG again.

Addition: 21st March 2017
In the last few days I’ve been constantly getting messages from my mobile provider saying it looks like I’ve changed my SIM or updated my software. So they send me an SMS to update my MMS/SMS settings. I have done neither of these things so I’ve no idea why this is happening.

Addition: 4th April 2017
Recently, when using Google Maps for GPS and navigation, the phone has been acting as if I’ve hit the microphone button to request something via speech. The problem is I haven’t. Because there’s usually music or the radio playing it always says it “didn’t catch that” and goes back to giving directions. It hasn’t caused me to miss a turn yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Addition: 27th June 2017
Phantom screen burn-in. Sometimes a phantom overlay will be left behind when I close or switch out of an app. At first I thought this was legit burn-in after having Google Maps open for several hours of GPS. But a couple of days ago I noticed it happened after using the Amazon app. And now everything is doing it, even after restarting. It doesn’t last forever, but I can’t work out what causes it or how to get rid of it.

Addition: 26th August 2017
LG G4 Weird Screen Resolution Problem
Weird OS stretching. For some reason, my screen resolution width seemed to change, meaning I only got 3.5 icons across instead of the usual 5. At the same time, the dots to indicate which page I was looking at were in the centre of the screen and wouldn’t go away. Again, a restart solved it, but it’s happened a couple of times now.