Moving to Canada – Some Updates

Moving to Canada

We’re moving to Canada at the end of June 2021, so there’s a few things you might want to know before we go. Here’s your updates!

The Build Up

As you might expect, there’s more than a few things to do before moving to a whole other country. Our flat needs to be fixed up and painted and we need to clear out a ton of stuff. So that means a lot of my usual “free” time is going to be spent doing that instead of playing games and tweeting – although obviously I can’t live without Twitter so I’ll still be around there.

But it mainly means that my streams are going to be kind of irregular for the foreseeable future. Yes, even more than normal. In order to feed The Algorithm, I’ll be spending any free evenings I still have working on YouTube videos instead of streaming. As you may or may not know, if you aren’t putting up content then The Algorithm will forget about you. I don’t want that to happen, so I’d like to have some backlog built up to slowly release over the next few weeks. I’ve still got weekly Generation Zero videos rolling out, but the more the better.

The Move

When we get to Canada we’ll have 3 days of hotel quarantine while they make sure none of us are Infected. If we’re not then we’ll go into a secondary quarantine in our new place (assuming we can find somewhere). That means 2 weeks of not leaving the house or going anywhere. This would be fine for me by myself, but with my wife and our 3 year old son, things are going to be crazy and we will all be going crazy.

Safe to say I’ve no idea when things will get back to normal enough to start streaming or making videos again. It’ll happen, but it could be a couple of months away.

So please bear with me, subscribe on YouTube and follow me on Twitter for the most up to date info and I’ll (hopefully) see you pretty soon!