Humble Choice: April 2020 – What’s Good?

My Humble Choice

Every month, Humble’s subscription model lets you keep up to 9 games from a choice of 12. Here’s what I think is good in the April 2020 Humble Choice.

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Hitman 2

Although I’m not good at stealth games, there’s something that even I find compelling about Hitman. The number of options you’ve got for taking out your target is staggering. Hitman 2 is known for some really good level design too, so worth a look.


Gris is a puzzle platformer with some horror elements and a gorgeous art style. It has great reviews (96% positive on Steam), intuitive controls and a story that deals with the main character’s emotional trauma.

This is the Police 2

I liked the original This is the Police, but I know it had some problems. The sequel is apparently better, where you manage your own police force, taking on cases and dealing with the consequences along the way.

Opus Magnum

Zachtronics puzzle games seem to be a Humble staple, and Opus Magnum is one that probably appeals to me more than the others.


Another Zachtronics game, this time based around chemistry. Even looking at the screenshots makes my brain hurt, so it’s definitely not for me!

Raiden V: Director’s Cut

I don’t know much about Raiden V or any of the prequels, but from what I can tell it’s a hardcore bullet hell shooter. It looks as crazy as the rest of them, and the fact it has a “director’s cut” must mean it was pretty popular, right?

Driftland: The Magic Revival

Driftland: The Magic Revival is a city builder and a bit of RTS, with some procedurally-generated elements. It looks pretty interesting and has a 77% positive rating on Steam, so I’m into it.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

More Turok! Get back into the dinosaur (and some monsters based less in the real world) hunting right now. And Turok 2: Seeds of Evil lets you ride a triceratops, which makes it a 10/10 in my book.


Truberbrook is a mystery adventure game with a sci fi twist and a beautiful art style that looks like Wallace and Gromit. Experience late-60s Europe as a stop-frame animated plaster character!

The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut

The Bard’s Tale series of RPGs didn’t take themselves too seriously back in the day, but it seems like they got over that.If you’re looking for turn-based combat and a 50+ hour campaign then you’ve come to the right place.

Shoppe Keep 2

Tired of going on adventures? How about setting up a shop so you can sell weapons, armour and food to those heroes instead? Perfect.

Capitalism 2

Start your own company, develop your product and try to take over the world. Finally, we can experience the good parts of capitalism!

So What’s My Humble Choice for April 2020?

Hitman 2, obviously. Turok 2, no doubt. Then I’d probably keep Gris, This is the Police 2, Capitalism 2 and Shoppe Keep 2 – lots of sequels in there, eh? I’d like to try Opus Magnum, then Truberbrook and Driftland. That’s my choices, but I’d be interested in hearing about yours. Let me know!

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