How to Improve City of Brass Twitch Integration

The Gamer Scot Plays City of Brass on Twitch

I recently played City of Brass with Twitch integration enabled. It was great fun and I had a good time, but there are a few things I think Uppercut Games should tweak to improve the experience for both streamers and viewers.

My City of Brass Livestream

Here’s the VOD of my first ever City of Brass stream over at

What The Game Gets Right

I thought I’d start with the good parts, because there’s a lot to love about City of Brass’s (how do you write that?) Twitch integration. I had a lot of fun with it on stream and I look forward to doing even more at some point.

  • Good selection of activities
  • Keeps chat and players interacting
  • Develops a sense of paranoia in players
  • Spawned allies are really cool, and showing the number of kills can create competition between viewers

And What it Could Do Better

But of course nothing is perfect. I noticed a couple of things as we played that I think could use some tweaking or minor adjustments.

    • Reduce the Chat Spam
      Chat ends up getting filled up, not just with commands, but also announcing that the timers have refreshed. This seems a little pointless, since viewers can see the timers counting down on-screen already. Or at least make an option to turn it off.
    • Amend Times / Add Custom Timers
      Having all of the timers on the same countdown leads to a lot of situations where you get all of the events at once with longer periods of nothing happening. You could either let players chose the times themselves (which could get crazy if they set it to 2 seconds), scale the clocks if certain actions get overused, or just increase the times for the higher level enemies and more valuable items.

Edit: It looks like they’ve already updated this (18th May 2018)

  • Remove Spoilers for the Player
    This might be a strange one, but I don’t see the point in having a “fake out sound” option if you tell the player about it immediately. I love this as an option, but it loses impact if you tell the player that they’re being faked out. I know it’s to give the viewer credit, but there must be another way to do this without losing the overall effect.

There are actually a few other things that I thought of as I was playing that I’ve forgotten now. I’ll come back and update this post if and when they come back to me. But I feel like City of Brass Twitch integration is like 90% of the way to amazing and I’d like to see it go all the way! Either way, head on over to my Twitch channel and join in the fun!