How Amazon Could Improve Alexa

Amazon Echo

We got an Amazon Echo a while ago and have been using it a lot. Recently I’ve been thinking about ways that Amazon could improve the Alexa experience.

Alexa Skills

Skills are a pretty easy way to add new functions, but the way they work right now is odd. We’ve been trying out a lot of ambient sounds to try and soothe The Wee Scot when he’s cranky. I added a Skill that has 70+ sounds, from thunderstorms to music boxes. So you’d think when I say “Alexa, play thunderstorms”, it would default to playing one of those.

You’d be wrong.

Instead, Alexa picks a new Skill at random and uses that. So you can end up with a ton of random Skills that have overlapping content and you might never know.

The solution? Really easy. Have Alexa check for similar commands within Skills you already have enabled before checking for new ones.

I feel like this is the kind of post that’s perfect for expanding as time goes on. So this is all I have for now, but if I think of anything else I’ll definitely add it!

And Now I Sell Out

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