Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2020

There are a few games coming in 2020 that I’m really excited about. Find out what they are and why I’m looking forward to them here!

Yes, I know that May is a little bit late to do one of these lists, but too bad!


Biomutant has been on my wishlist for so long that it’s starting to feel like vaporware. A spectacle brawler with a more strategic, kung-fu based combat system sounds awesome. And it has a badass looking fox as the main character. Amazing. Let’s hope it actually exists.
Steam page: link

Circuit Superstars

I love racing games. From Nigel Mansell’s Grand Prix on the Spectrum through to Forza Horizon 4, they’ve always sucked me in. I hadn’t heard of Circuit Superstars until I played it at EGX 2019. I was sold from the second I touched it. The controls feel great and the mixture of sim and arcade is exactly my kind of thing.

Steam page: link


I played Overcrowd at EGX Rezzed a couple of years ago and I really liked the underground station management sim as a concept. The developers have kept pretty quiet on social media, but the game still seems to be in development. This one has technically released, but it’s still in Early Access so it doesn’t count 🙂
Steam page: link

Art of Rally

Art of Rally is a kind of sequel to Absolute Drift – a top-down drifting game I really liked back in 2015. The name changed from Absolute Rally and I thought it had disappeared, but thankfully it was back at EGX and I got the chance to play it. The controls feel tight and the tracks are unforgiving – exactly what you want from a rally sim.
Steam page: link

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a battle royale without any player combat. A weird concept, right? But now image 100 cute little characters running around a course, getting taken out by Ninja Warrior or Wipeout style obstacles. Because physics is funny! It looks great and although I haven’t played it yet, I really really want to.
Steam page: link

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

The name Hardspace: Shipbreaker is pretty boring, but the game looks awesome. A procedurally generated, physics-based spaceship destroying simulator is not to be sniffed at. I’ll need more info before I throw money at it, but being able to tear off pieces of a giant space hulk is pretty intriguing as a concept!
Steam page: link

Fights in Tight Spaces

Fights in Tight Spaces is a collectible card game combined with a John Wick fist fight in a Superhot aesthetic. If that hasn’t already sold you then nothing else I can say will. Check it out for yourself then tell me I’m wrong!
Steam page: link

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