Games I’ve Backed on Kickstarter

Games I've Back on Kickstarter

I like to help indie developers trying to get funding on Kickstarter. I thought you might like to read about the games I’ve supported over the years!

Why Kickstarter?

I like the idea of supporting creators directly. If I see an idea I believe in, it’s nice to know that the people doing the work are getting the money instead of a big faceless publisher. Sure, Kickstarter takes a cut of the proceeds, but that still leaves the creators with a better deal in the long run. And not only that, it allows game developers to work on projects that a big publisher might not be too keen on. We see that a lot in the AAA gaming sector, with endless sequels and cash-ins. Kickstarter lets people take risks.

Satellite Reign

Date: December 2014
Why I Backed It:
As a fan of the classic Syndicate games, this was an easy sell for me. Having some of the old team members as well as some other notable talent meant this was a pretty safe bet in the early days of crowd sourcing. The cyberpunk setting and freedom of choice (like Syndicate) won me over. Which makes it even stranger that I hardly played it after it released.

Concrete Jungle

Date: May 2015
Why I Backed It:
It was the art style that really sold me on Concrete Jungle. The game mechanics themselves appealed to me as a Sim City fan, but it was the beautiful buildings and attention to detail that made me pledge. I still think it would work better as a mobile game than a full PC title, but it worked well!

Exploding Kittens

Date: July 2015
Why I Backed It:
I’ve been a regular visitor to The Oatmeal for years. So when he announced he was drawing for an upcoming card game with a similar feel to Cards Against Humanity, of course I was in. It got incredible support from around the world and became the most backed campaign ever. The game itself is okay, but doesn’t have the staying power of CAH. It has about a zillion expansion packs now though, so I guess that might help.

Blubber Busters

Date: Project Cancelled October 2016
Why I Backed It:
A 2D platform shooter influenced by Metroid and Mega Man? What’s not to love? It had a funny story and the team has a lot of established talent who worked on games I already loved. There was an element of strategy to the missions you’d choose and it all added to the meta game. I was so disappointed when this was cancelled that I actually reached out to TinyBuild in case there was anything they could do to help.

Sociable Soccer

Date: Cancelled November 2016
Why I Backed It:
As a 90’s kid I loved top-down soccer games. Before FIFA and PES were a thing, Sensible Soccer and Kick Off ruled the playgrounds – and had the exact same rivalries. The concept of an accessible soccer game that’s not too realistic was great for me. And of course, everyone loves that nostalgia hit. Then they cancelled the project because they got bought up by a big publisher. This was a huge disappointment.

Joking Hazard

Date: November 2016
Why I Backed It:
Cyanide & Happiness is one of my favourite websites. Their comics come out every day and almost every one is gold. So naturally when they announced a card game I jumped on it. Great news is the card game is as awful as you’d expect. It’s a great one for parties, as long as nobody is too easily offended!

Safe House

Date: November 2017 (Pending)
Why I Backed It:
Safe House looks like an interesting mix of game styles. One of the few memorable Wii games I bought was My Life as a King. It was a strategy RPG where you sent characters on quests rather than taking part yourself. This looks like it takes that element and adds stealth, puzzles and problem solving as well. Fascinating!

Lifeless Moon

Date: July 2018 (Pending)
Why I Backed It:
Although I didn’t play the original (Lifeless Planet), I watched some let’s plays and loved the atmosphere. I didn’t know a sequel was planned, but it made sense that I’d be interested. The first game wasn’t perfect (and the ending was kind of meh), but created a really interesting world that I hope will be expanded in the sequel.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Date: July 2018 (Pending)
Why I Backed It:
First of all, it just looks really cool. But my reasons go way back to my Spectrum days and a game called Mountain Bike Simulator. It was a 2D side-scrolling skill game and it was super hard. But my friend and I loved it. I played ElastoMania when it was still new. I love physics-based stuff and the freeform nature of the levels and routes looks really cool.

What The Golf

Date: March 2018 (pending)
Why I Backed It:
I’ve always loved golf games, but I’ve never been able to explain why. What The Golf takes the basic rules of golf and messes them up to make it a whole lot more crazy, in much the same way Enter The Kickmen did for football. On top of that there’s bizarre physics and a development team that seems to be really interested in taking ideas from fans. They met their funding target (technically on Fig but it still counts for this post) so I hope they can match expectation.

From Light

Date: April 2018
Why I Backed It:
The first thing I have to say about From Light is that it’s beautiful. I absolutely love the art style. Which is useful, because it’s a side-scrolling platformer with camera mechanics. So you can use long exposure to create a platform for yourself out of a point of light. There are too many to go into here, but I think it has some potential. And it’s already got some awards, so I jumped in!


Why I Backed It: