Future Plans

I’m always thinking about future plans for Twitch and YouTube. Here’s a central repository for anything that I’d love to roll out eventually.


I’ve got years of experience talking about games in real-time and I would love to get into some kind of commentary. Either esports or event coverage – both would be amazing. If you’re organising an event and need someone reliable with plenty of knowledge to share – give me a shout!

Twitch: Subscriber Streams

I’ve been sitting on a bunch of story-heavy games for a long time, waiting to play them for an audience. I’d love to run a regular stream just for my most dedicated followers, who could then help with decisions in-game. Fun times!


I’ve wanted to get involved in a podcast for years. I’ve got a lot of experience with games and I’d like to share that with people. I’d like to discuss new developments in the world and get other points of view. This comes down to scheduling again, but I think it’s probably the easiest to arrange.

YouTube: Collaboration

Although I want to put less of a focus on YouTube in the future, I’d still love to collaborate with someone. There are so many creators out there I admire and would love to work with, this just makes sense.

YouTube: Codename FOS

I’ve been sitting on a YouTube series idea for a long time. There are some similar series out there, but not exactly the same. This will be a more heavily edited video series than I’ve done before, which is a huge time commitment and the main reason I haven’t already started it!

YouTube: Codename PZ

This is another series idea I’ve been keeping for a while. Nobody is doing this one at all, which is also kind of a hint at the content!


14th Aug 2019
Removed Twitch: Regular Collaboration as this is happening now! Added Commentary.

29th Jan 2019
Removed “regular schedule” since I now have one (Thursdays @ 8:30pm)! Added “Twitch: Subscriber Streams”.