Dr Disrespect Ban: What We Really Know

Dr Disrespect Ban - What We Really Know. The Truth!

Dr Disrespect, popular Twitch streamer, was banned from Twitch. Neither he nor Twitch have shared the reasons, so here’s what we know.


We know nothing. Any site claiming otherwise is clickbaiting you. Just like I did. Dr Disrespect claims even he doesn’t know*, so why would anyone else?

*I don’t believe this. It’s pretty hard to do something so bad that you break TOS without being aware of it. He’s been in trouble with Twitch before, so he’ll at least have an idea. Think about why every website uses the phrase “controversial streamer” when talking about him. That’s not pulled out of thin air.

And please don’t start with “but streamer x did this and they’re not banned”. A second Bad Thing doesn’t make the first Bad Thing okay. It’s a process and it’ll work from the top down. They’ll get their turn.

And You?

To be honest, you should be asking yourself what could have been so bad that he got banned yet you’re still willing to forgive him for it. Twitch will lose money from this, meaning it must have been serious. He’ll be back, probably on YouTube – and we already know they don’t have any quality standards. So you can keep consuming. Keep encouraging bad behaviour.

Nobody needs to learn any lessons from this. Not you. Not YouTube. Not Dr Disrespect himself.

Keep consuming. Keep feeding those advertising machine. Multi billion dollar corporations definitely need more of your money. Don’t look for something better.

Don’t think.

Just consume.